This Is Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac Sign…

Zodiac signs can basically tell you anything and everything about your life. Want to know what to eat for breakfast? Your zodiac sign can totally tell you that! Well, we’re actually joking with that one.

Your zodiac sign can’t decide between Cheerios and Fruit Loops for you, but it can totally predict what type of guys will break your heart.

Getting your heart broken can be one of the most painful things you ever feel. Whether someone cheats on you, someone passes away, or the love of your life leaves you — there’s no way to spin it, it’s awful. We know that emotions have a great impact on our health, so it’s important to stay positive even when you are broken-hearted. But, if this happens often, maybe you should see what your stars hold for you.


Your mood swings put a real damper on your relationships. At first, your significant other says that they can handle you at your best AND at your worst, but they don’t realize what they signed up for. Just as soon as you start to get attached, they discover they bit off more than they can chew.

The only way this end is with inevitable heartbreak, sorry.

TAURUS (April 20 – MAY 20)

This sign is very loyal but at the expense of being innately stubborn. Taurus people can really hold a grudge, often much longer than necessary. This sullenness can drive partners away.


You can be so inconsistent that your partner has no idea whether you’re serious about the relationship or not. You’re nervous about putting yourself out there, but ultimately it’s the reason you get your heart broken.

You’re significant other usually ends things with you before you have the chance to end things with them.


Cancers are very caring to other people, however, they are also clingy and needy when they enter a relationship. So, the partner may feel smothered and this clinginess can be off-putting. Let your partner have some space if you don’t want your relationship to be ruined.

LEO (July 23 – AUGUST 22)

Leo is the sign that won’t cheat on you, and in a lot of ways that’s the best thing to have in a monogamous partner, but you also tend to be egotistical and vain. Those aren’t really particularly ideal tendencies. You argue points to fiercely and you try too hard to win. You might feel good about yourself in doing so, but it’s really irritating to the people around you.


Virgo is possibly the most suspicious of all signs. They are easily overwhelmed with doubt and jealousy, which can be detrimental even for the strongest relationships. Establishing trust is crucial to a thriving relationship.


Of all the star signs, Libras are probably the least likely to initiate a breakup. They hate confrontations and ending relationships of all kinds tends to be quite hard for them. However irritating they may find you, Libras are good at sweeping contentious issues under the rug and hiding their discontent behind a sweet smile. They’re also big procrastinators and making their mind up to dump you can take them a very long time.

Libras are very hopeful and think they can change their partner. Sometimes they select their partners really bad, so they end up heartbroken. So, we all know that people don’t change like that, and if you don’t pick your partner well, you might end up with a broken heart.


Despite being one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is also the most jealous one. This sign even tends to possess and control their partner, which is a disaster waiting to happen. Personal freedom is something Scorpios must be aware of.


Sagittarius is the kind of sign to hike a 14’er one day and go scuba diving the next. That can be a lot of fun for your partner, but also a little bit tiring. Your high expectations will get you into trouble. If you’re an extrovert and your partner is an introvert, let them stay home once for a while. It’s not an insult to your lifestyle. Just know not everyone can be as adventuresome as you.


You need to learn to pick your battles. Let go of the stupid little things that are common in every relationship and accept them. You have to forgive your partner for the things that don’t really matter when you look at the big picture.

If you continue to hold every single thing over his head then you’ll eventually send him packing.


Aquarius is smart. You’re the kind of person who always has some witticism on the tip of your tongue. It can be kinda fun to be with such a quick-minded person but know when to turn it off. You tend to get into tit-for-tat type arguments and squabbles with people, and that can turn off a lover real quick.

PISCES (February 19 – MARCH 20)

Pisces is really emotional, and their biggest set-back is that many times they cling to their ex-lovers. So, if you start dating someone new while you still love your ex, the new relationship is not going to last long. Learn to get over your exes if you want your future relationships to last.

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