Pores are small openings in the skin which allow it to breathe. They are almost impossible to be seen with the naked eye but may grow in size as we get older. Enlarged pores look really unpleasant and can ruin your appearance, which is why everyone wants to resolve the problem as soon as they can. Instead of using commercial products and treatments, try using these natural remedies against enlarged pores:



Aloe Vera Gel

Apply some fresh Aloe gel on your face and leave it to work overnight, then rinse your face with lukewarm water in the morning. This will keep your skin hydrated and also close the pores while removing excess oil and dirt from the skin a well.

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Apple cider vinegar – a powerful skin toner 

Mix a tablespoon of ACV with 5 tablespoons of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it as a natural toner. Just spray it on your face and leave it to dry, then apply your favorite moisturizer in the end. This will reduce the enlarged pores and regulate your skin’s pH level while fighting infections at the same time.

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Egg white mask

Here’s a nice egg white mask that will tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of the enlarged pores:


1 egg white

2 tablespoons of oatmeal

2 tablespoons of lemon juice


Mix the ingredients well until you get a homogenous mixture, then apply it on your face and leave it to work for half an hour. Rinse with cold water in the end and repeat the process daily for best results.

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Baking soda

Prepare a paste of equal amounts of baking soda and water and apply it on your face, then massage it in for a minute before rinsing with water. Repeat the process every 3-4 days – using it every day can have negative consequences as the baking soda might dry out your skin. The same method works great against acne as well.

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If you’re the unfortunate sufferer of enlarged pores, try these remedies and we promise that you’ll be stunned by the results!

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