14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration

1.Do not dispose of kitchen utensils which are old, ecause they are all one pot. See how it looks colorful and creative.

2.From unused fabric you can make wind roses and garden ornaments.In this way you can bring a different color to your garden.

3. Is there a seat or armchair are you planning to throw? Don’t throw it. With a bit of moisture and grass seed can make such a decoration corner in your garden.

4.To create such a sweet corner, the old cradle baby or mosquito is enough

5.İt is possible to create posts from egg boxes so you can put so many pots like that around your garden

6.You can create from old cake mold a wind rose. We are ready to listen voice of wind

7.Make a scarecrow from boring pots so you can protect vegetables from birds and cats.

8.You can paint unused stones in this way can give live plants image.

9.You can paint boring pots and write on funny words.

10.Use your old table. You can convert each drawer to a flower pot

11.You can make pompoms from colored construction papers.After that watch how they are dancing with the wind

12.By fixing the paddle heads, you can create flower pot holder.

13.Canned boxes pierced with a nail, can be inserted into the candle and hang it. You can ready to use it as a lantern

14.Instead of throwing the old doors can be secured to a corner and you can create secret garden.

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